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Creator of “Casper the Ghost” and Jungle Land

There have been some very creative people that have called Panama City Beach their home. Probably the most creative in terms of mass appeal has to Vincent ‘Val’ Valentine. Since the early 60s, Val’s art lives on, in the photos and memories of millions of tourists that have visited Panama City Beach. He was the […]

The Ghost of the Starliner

Starliner Rollercoaster

Today, Miracle Strip Amusement Park is only a fond memory for many people that visited Panama City Beach in the 20th century. Although, it only lasted four years into the 21st century,  Miracle Strip Amusement Park was the most successful attraction on the Gulf Coast of Florida for 40 years. For many years it ranked […]

Starliner designed by Legendary Roller Coaster Designer

The Starliner Roller Coaster

The Starliner roller coaster was one of the first attractions at Miracle Strip Amusement Park. The Starliner was a wooden coaster designed by nationally renown John Allen of the Philadelphia Toboggan Company in 1963. The Starliner was the focal point of MSAP. The track of the Starliner ran for the entire length of the eastern side of the park. The Starliner […]