Welcome and thanks for visiting Old Panama City Beach.com. My name is Kenny Redd, artist and founder of Old Panama City Beach.com. OPCB has its genesis in the Gift Shop of ‘Castle Dracula Wax Museum’ on Panama City Beach, Florida, in 1976.

I had the good fortune to be asked, by the Gift Shop owner, if I would like to airbrush t-shirts in his shop. I jumped at the chance, even though I had never even held an airbrush. Art had always been a hobby of mine and I was very eager to learn how to use the airbrush.

Airbrushing at Castle Dracula
This was a popular design

Castle Dracula was a wonderful place to airbrush t shirts. I very much enjoyed meeting all the people and I enjoyed painting shirts while my customers watched. I was always very pleased when my customers were happy with my artwork.

I made friends, from all over the country, and many that came back year after year. I sometimes claimed that I had art hanging in homes in almost every state in the USA…true, even if it was hanging in their closets.

In 2012 I created a Facebook page about Castle Dracula. I got so many inquiries about old Panama City Beach, in general, that I changed the focus and the name of the Facebook page to ‘Old Panama City Beach‘. I created original art for OPCB Facebook based on the old attractions, like the Miracle Strip Amusement Park, Tombstone Territory and the Hang Out.



Old Panama City Beach.com was created to share my fondness of old Panama City Beach by offering my art to those who cherish their memories of the ‘world’s most beautiful beaches’.


Kenny Redd airbrushing
Airbrushing at Castle Dracula

I received many kind compliments on my artwork and very often people would comment that my designs touched a sentimental chord in their hearts and brought back sweet memories of the old days on Panama City Beach.



Kenny Redd airbrushing
Kenny Redd airbrushing a shirt for Eddy





The enthusiastic response from the public to the OPCB Facebook page indicated to me that there are many people who love and miss old Panama City Beach, just like me. It is my fondness for those ‘glory days’ on PCB that prompted me to create Old Panama City Beach.com. I wanted to offer photos, artwork and designs that celebrate those wonderful times on old Panama City Beach.






I invite you to view my designs and images. I hope that you find something that makes you smile. I will be very pleased and honored if you select from my offerings, and I hope that they spark many happy memories of old Panama City Beach.