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8 thoughts on “Welcome to Old Panama City Beach Blog!

  1. Dotty weller says:

    Any pix of the “Y” cottages during the 60’s..my memories of mom and and my 1 year old son was the best…hated to see them torn down…i sat and cried in Winn Dixie parking lot

  2. Kenny Redd says:

    Thanks for the comment, Dotty. I do have a postcard of the “Y” Cottages. I will post it on OPCB’s Facebook page. We all get a little misty sometimes when we think of precious PCB memories.

  3. S. Nichols says:

    Do you know where the St. Regis Court owned by Veedie & Madeleine Halfacre in Laguna Beach used to be? Our family vacationed there in the late 60’s and I would like to know what is there now.

    Thank you.

    • Kenny Redd says:

      Sandra Nichols:

      I don’t know the exact address. I’ll post this on OPCB FB page and ask if anyone knows the address or what’s there now. Thanks for visiting OPCB.com..!

      Kenny Redd

  4. Greg Matherson says:

    I remember staying at the Monterey Hotel back in the ’60’s. Bill Simpson and his wife owned it. My dad would always stop in Chilton County, Alabama to pick up a basket of peaches for Bill’s wife. Times were so good back then. Does anyone remember Bill Simpson and the Monterey Hotel?

    • Kenny Redd says:

      Greg, I don’t recall the Monterey Hotel. Was it on Thomas Drive? Too bad that today’s visitors ave no opportunity to get to know their hosts the way your family did. Thanks for posting your story..!

  5. Danny Ausbrooks says:

    Looking for the name of the hotel that had a place called Bogies as in Humphrey Bogart attached to it…it might have been a cafe inside the hotel?

    • Kenny Redd says:

      Danny, my memory is foggy on that. I think there might have been such a place on Thomas Drive, not far from The Treasure Ship…guessing really. Thanks for contacting OPCB.

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